Main Types of Software Testing Explained (in Cats)

3 min readAug 26, 2022

Some testing types might be confusing. But not if you explain them in cats.

The Quality Assurance process is a rather serious occupation: QA engineers take responsibility for the product’s quality and determine if it is ready for release. Not much place for jokes, right?

We decided to shift our perspective just for a bit and have fun:) Let’s have a look at how we associate different types of testing with cats and their daily behavior.

Compatibility Testing

The main aim of compatibility testing is to check if the software operates as expected in a specific environment. Well, this pet definitely seems to be compatible with its new environment, right?

Load Testing

Load testing is an automated type of software checking that simulates the work of a certain number of users on a particular resource. We can’t say that the number of users is big here, but the load is definitely excessive.

Documentation Testing

Testers know better than others how a lack of documentation influences the QA process. QATestLab specialists have learned to live with this, but this cat obviously decided to do his best no matter what it may take.

Integration Testing

Conducting integration testing means combining individual software modules and testing them as a single unit. Like this little guy, we can do everything it takes to make things work.

UX Testing

The feelings and the feedback of a user after interaction with a software product are the results of user experience (UX) testing. Here is how it looks in practice.

Bonus Category: The Scariest of Bug Types

There are many different bug types you can face while testing a product, but this one is the most terrifying — a major bug. It rules in its Kingdom of Software Defects and likes to visit testers in their nightmares.




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