Software Bugs Monthly Digest — December 2022

Hi, everyone! Hope you are having the most peaceful and joyful holiday season and are ready to kickstart 2023. We have no doubt that this year will bring prosperity and outstanding success to your businesses.

In today’s bug digest, we cover the most notorious software failures of the last month of 2022 and how organizations handled them. Let’s take a look at what bugs developers were dealing with in December.

The Callisto Protocol warns glitching could get you in trouble

Rules of conduct for a single-player video game have been raising eyebrows for some peculiar restrictions

Despite being a single-player game with no online elements, The Callisto Protocol has many rules of conduct. And there are a few of them that stand out quite a lot. For instance, players can face “severe penalties,” and “action” could be taken against them if they exploit any glitches or vulnerabilities in the game.

There’s also a section that tells users not to play the game “abnormally”. If a gamer plays in a way that was not intended, their account is in danger.

This means that players could risk getting banned for using bugs or glitches to advance — a common practice for many games. Considering that The Callisto Protocol is a single-player game where a glitch wouldn’t hurt anyone else’s experience, many found these rules to be pretty ridiculous.

Bugs in Lego Resale Site allowed hackers to hijack user accounts

Security analysts have discovered 2 API security vulnerabilities in is LEGO Group’s official second-hand and vintage marketplace for LEGO bricks. The issues identified by Salt Security discovered the vulnerabilities while experimenting with user input fields on the BrickLink website.

According to the researchers, bugs could have allowed an attacker to take over members’ accounts, access and steal personally identifiable information stored on the platform, or even gain access to internal production data.

Fortunately, this is the story with a happy ending since the specialists reported the discovered vulnerabilities to LEGO, and the company took action to fix all issues.

It is important to remember that cyberattacks are growing during the shopping season. The retail sector is the most attractive target for malicious users. Hence, it is vital to get your online store checked and ensure your shoppers are safe when buying from you.

A keyboard that types on its own: a bug or pure magic?

The Corsair keyboard bug types on its own, with no malware involved

One of the most popular keyboard producers, Corsair, has confirmed a bug in its K100 keyboards. The company’s statement comes after multiple K100 users have reported that their keyboards are typing text on their own at random moments. Unfortunately, the latest product update does not fix the problem.

To stop the keyboard from auto-typing, Corsair’s developers recommend users reset it by unplugging it and holding down the Esc button for 5 seconds while plugging it back in. However, this trick is not really helpful, and the issue reoccurs after a while.

There is a great deal of concern regarding this bug since it can cause the leakage of private data and interfere with users’ gaming experiences. So many of them decided to put their Corsair keyboard away and wait until the bug is fixed.

US businesses lost $2.41 trillion in 2022 due to software problems

Poor software quality is among the top reasons behind revenue loss

According to a report by Synopsys and the Consortium for Information & Software Quality, low-quality software has led to soaring losses for American businesses.

Vulnerabilities that lead to cyberattacks, software supply chain issues, and the increasing impact of accumulated technical debt cost businesses a shocking $2.41 trillion in 2022. The data highlights the rising number of vulnerabilities in open-source software as one of the primary drivers of the problem.

It should be a wake-up call for all software companies, not just American ones — always test your product before the release. The price of testing always pays off in the long term, preventing any potential losses.

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QATestLab is an international provider of independent QA and testing services with 15 years of cross-industry experience.

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QATestLab is an international provider of independent QA and testing services with 15 years of cross-industry experience.